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Durable Power of Attorney

  A durable Power of Attorney is a document that can protect you during your lifetime. In the Power of Attorney you appoint someone that you trust to act on your behalf. They would have full power and authority to do and perform all and every act that the grantor (you) could perform.

   Through the years these powers have expanded to include medical, nursing home decisions, paying bills, selling real property. For the most part you remain in full control unless you become incompetent or incapacitated. However a Durable Power of Attorney provides broad powers and serious consideration should be taken in order to appoint a loved one that will always act in your best interest.

   Who should serve?

  Do they need to live in Florida?  

   This document will allow someone (agent/ trusted loved one) to act on your behalf during your lifetime. Normally while you are capable you would make your own decisions during your lifetime. However, should you become incapacitated, incompetent or unable to make decisions the Durable Power of Attorney is a critical document in your Estate Planning.

   The individual that you designate would be able to act on your behalf in financial matters, Investments, Real Estate and make decisions for you as a person. Some examples would be Hospital Admissions, medical care and all matters relating to your wellbeing.

   It is critical that the person you appoint is a trusted individual that would always be acting in your best interest. The person you appoint has broad powers and will have access to your assets to the extent of closing accounts and selling Real Estate.

  As a former Prosecutor Mr. Lee has been a tenacious advocate for his clients if this Power of Attorney gave any appearance of wrongdoing. The people named in your Power of Attorney do not need to be blood relatives nor is it required that they live in Florida. Whether you appoint a son, daughter, spouse, friend, brother or a sister, the person you appoint MUST BE TRUSTED.

   These matters are thoroughly discussed with the client during your free legal consultation. Every person should have a Power of Attorney so that a loved one can make your decisions rather than a court appointed Guardian.

   It is important that the Power of Attorney is provided to Banks, is faxed to hospitals and a copy sent to the doctors.