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Estate Planning Documents

  Everyone should prepare Estate Planning Documents, however, each plan should meet the person’s personal circumstances. At the very least each individual should have a last will and testament to assure that assets will be passed to your loved ones. Also, it is very important that each person has a Durable Power of Attorney which will protect you during your lifetime in the event of incompetence or incapacitation. Lastly a Living Will Health Care Surrogate will enforce your wishes in the event of terminal illness.

   Without careful Estate planning you could be placing yourself in the hands of a Guardian during your lifetime should you become Incompetent or incapacitated. Proper documents ensure that a loved one will make decisions on your behalf.

   Your free Legal Consultation will determine what type of Estate Planning meets your specific needs. Everyone has unique circumstances and Attorney Francis M Lee has the patience to carefully review your needs in order to create the proper estate documents.