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Wills/ Probate Administration

What is Probate?

Probate Administration
Upon the death of a loved one Francis M. Lee can assist family members with probate administration if it is required. Probate is an administration that takes place in the event the decedent died with assets in their name alone. This could consist of Real Estate, Bank accounts, Investments, Stock, etc.

The fact that a decedent had a last will and testament does NOT avoid Probate. If Probate is required the court will appoint a Personal Representative and it will be the Attorney’s responsibility to represent the Personal Representative sometimes known as an Executor. They will also guide them through the process of gathering all of the assets of the Estate, noticing and paying creditors, preparing an inventory and a final accounting. The Law Office of Francis M. Lee is also able to assist you in the transfer or sale of any real property in the Estate. Probate Administration may take from 4 months to a year and in some instances even longer.

In the event a Revocable Living Trust was established and funded during the decedent’s lifetime, then Probate would be avoided. The acting Trustee may still need legal representation in the Trust administration process which the Law Office of Francis M. Lee can provide.

The Attorney can also assist beneficiaries who are named on accounts. Sometimes even this transition can be complicated and may require some legal assistance.